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All of our coffees are sold in one pound increments and are all whole beans (this may change at a later date. Or give us a call to get more specific, i.e., if you would like a smaller or larger amount than can be specified online, what grind you'd like your beans to be, coffees we don't have listed online, etc., etc.).

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Papua New Guinea

This Papua New Guinea is one of the most recognized and asked-for coffees in our coffeehouse. I'm reminded of why I love coffee so much every time this one comes up on the "Today's Brew" board. It's a full measure of what is good in a cup. Most...

Sumatra Mandehling

This is one of my long-time favorites. Like an old friend who is always there for you. This fine coffee gets roasted a tad darker than most which is where I go to find a smokey and syrupy tone. We often use this favorite as a base for our espresso blend.